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About Sally

I  bring the gift of clarity...

...cutting through the clutter & chaos & contradiction to reveal the simplicity & authenticity of a leader’s passion & purpose, releasing them from the fears that hold them back.

I am a global leadership coach based in the UK, working with clients all around the world.  I’ve spent the last two decades coaching extraordinary business leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers as they pursue their leadership journey. 
My role is to be a catalyst for transformational moments along this leadership journey: to create the magnificent leaps that propel my clients to a new and richer way of living and leading. 
I am the leader’s champion: holding them to a level of brilliance they scarcely dare believe is achievable.  The way I work is challenging and liberating; it creates pivotal, life enhancing moments of transformation.

My Leadership Journey

My own journey started with a decade in the fast-paced world of advertising.  Whilst working in the London offices of three of the world’s top agencies I learnt what it takes to draw the best performance from a hugely diverse group of people.  I probably learnt more from doing it badly than doing it well in the early days, yet, over time I discovered the genuine joy of leading, motivating and inspiring people. This prompted a magnificent leap of my own:

In 2001 I launched my own leadership coaching business, travelling the globe creating experiential leadership development programmes and transformational events for organisations across the world.  Backed by a team of outstanding coaches, I thrived on drawing out the brilliance of top teams, accelerating the development of high potential groups and optimising the impact of individual leaders.

My next magnificent leap came with the arrival of my two sons and an instant priority shift. No longer wanting to spend weeks away from home, I needed to laser-focus my expertise to allow my professional passion to thrive alongside my two new personal passions.  I gave my full attention to individual leadership coaching, seeking out the dynamic, forward-looking, business-leading, world-changing leaders who have been my clients ever since.

I’ve cheered on and challenged leaders from a huge range of creative businesses in the fields of tech, advertising, PR, branding, design, entertainment, media, hotels, travel and telecoms whilst working with people of influence from global and national charities, campaigning organisations and activist movements.

I work with a wildly diverse group of people who are passionate about making a difference in the world, and so I hold them to very high standards – fiercely committed to what I know they can achieve. 

Now, after almost two decades of leadership work, I’m exploring my next leap.  I’m extending my reach to inspire and challenge even greater numbers of leaders by including speaking engagements, content creation and podcasting alongside my individual client work.

Through it all, my greatest delight is inciting moments of transformation in extraordinary leaders and witnessing the incredible impact they have each time they take a magnificent leap forward on their own leadership journey.

Career History


1990-1991:   Young & Rubicam, London

1991-1999:   Grey Advertising, London

1999-2001:   Ogilvy, London

2001- Present:   Salvation Coaching Company Ltd.






BA Hons, Psychology, Newcastle University

Certified Professional Coactive Coach, Coaches Training Institute

Graduate of Organisation & Systems Coaching, Advance Curriculum

Graduate of Coactive Leadership Dimensions

Accredited Member of the International Coach Federation

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